Shoarma sauce 500ml

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Water, Vegetable oil (rapeseed), Sugar, EGG Yolk, Modified corn starch, Vinegar, Garlic powder, Acidity regulator: E325 sodium lactate, Salt,Thickener: xanthan gum, guar gum, Food acid: E330 citric acid, Herbs and spices, Preservative (E202 potassium sorbate and E211
sodium benzoate) Antioxidant: E385 calcium disodium EDTA. Allergens:. Eggs and products based on eggs, mustard, corn. Keep cool. Keep in the refrigerator after opening. nutritional value per 100g: energy: 853 kj, 204 kcal, fats: 14,6g, saturated fats: 1,30g, carbohydrates: 18,2g, sugars : 12,9g, proteins: 0,9g, salt: 1,67g. Allergens: Eggs and products based on eggs