Our Service Network

Production and we do not show all the pain that we have shown in the packaging process on our Service network. We deliver all your orders over The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Sweden with our special vehicles. Since 2005, Tilburg, our headquarters, has been supplying Halal food needs of our valued customers. We ship your orders outside The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Sweden to you as soon as possible through reliable companies where we have special agreements. We provide you with more than 100 types of products in our products with our services realized in speed, health and trust.

We Care About Our Service Network

  • We aim to deliver the freshest products to you in the most sterile and healthy conditions.
  • We have determined to meet your halal food needs as a professional goal. We work for your needs.
  • We know the sensitivity of our customers to their procurement processes. We provide the fastest and most reliable solutions.
  • With the cold chain method we reach you with confidence.

Quality Food With our brand named Öz Erciyes, we are eliminating the need to think about the procurement processes of our valuable customers. We aim to satisfy our customers with our stable product production and wide product range as well as our services. As Öz Erciyes, we regard the values ​​of Anatolian people as our commercial values ​​and we combine these values ​​with the highest technological methods. You can contact us for your questions and complaints about our products and services. Do not forget that you will reach healthy food by choosing halal products. We would like to be your solution partner for the food sector.