About us

Production and our packaging facilities are located in Tilburg, the Netherlands. With 14 employees, we are trying to produce the best products for you. We are one of the innovative values ​​of Halal product market that we offer more than 100 products. We are a competitive company with many product types, most reliable products and reasonable prices.

Our products that we blend with the credibility of technology without losing the values ​​we learned in Anatolia are healthy products. With “Halal product healthy product” slogan, we increase our production volume and quality every day.

Our Values!

  • Quality; Identified with Öz Erciyes. We sell trust to our customers, not products.
  • Stability; it is important to us. The needs of our friends, whom we have partnership with, are being met in the fastest way possible.
  • Trust is growing thanks to the bridges we build and the brands we work with grow.

Quality Food we grow together with our employees and customers while producing the products. With a win-win approach, we aim to be a solution partner, not just a market player. We bring the delicacies of the world cuisine to our valued customers; we sell taste and health. You can find our wide range of products in many countries, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium. Please contact us for detailed information about our products, ordering and commenting.

Öz Erciyes products are sold under Erciyes and Ercimex packages. Please ask for our products from your market. It is everyone’s right to consume healthy and quality products. We are the biggest gift for future generations to feed them with healthy products.