Chicken Chilipeper 130g

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Chickenroll with peppers/Chicken meat product/Ingredients: Chicken meat (68% of which 30% mechanically separated), water, potato starch, peppers 2%, salt, food fibre (contains soya),soya protein (contains soya), acidifier (E325, E327), stabilizer (E407, E450, E451, E452, E339), preservative (E262, E250), herbs and spices,antioxidant (E301, E331), glucose syrup, lactose (contains milk), flavor, dextrose. Keep cool after opening (max. 7°C) and limited shelf life.
Nutritional values:Each slice of meat(18,5 gr contains): Energy: 131 Kjoule, 31kcal,Fats: 1,9 g,saturated 0,6g, sugar: 0,1g, salt: 0,4g